Daytona Drive & Lunch

SODI Sprint Open Race


This experience last 2 hours from arrival to departure and is available for drivers aged 16 years and above.

This race is perfect for novice drivers as a first race format.

On arrival the driver will sign in and suit up in the race gear we provide before attending a thorough safety briefing.

There follows a structured race format comprising of a 10 minute timed practice followed by a 20 minute sprint race. The lap times achieved in practice determine the grid positions for the main race, and drivers line up on the grid in readiness for the race start. At the green light, drivers race non-stop for 20 minutes in our 390cc SODI Karts capable of speeds up to 50mph. After 20 minutes the chequered flag is shown and the driver that has completed the most laps in that time is the winner. Laptime printouts are provided for all and the top 3 drivers are invited onto the podium to be presented with trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winner is also presented with a discount voucher towards a future race entry.

Followed with lunch at the Bear choosing a dish from our menu and a draught beer of choice.